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The Yamaha Philosophy is the philosophical framework that forms the foundation for business management at the Yamaha Group.
The Yamaha Philosophy is made up of the “Corporate Philosophy,” “Customer Experience,” “Yamaha Quality,” and the “Yamaha Way.”
The Corporate Philosophy and Customer Experience express different aspects of the meaning behind the existence of the Yamaha Group, while the Yamaha Philosophy serves as its foundation.   
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Yamaha Quality and the Yamaha Way serve as the driving force behind the Yamaha Philosophy, and are intended to offer guidance for Yamaha Group employees in their daily work.
We utilize the Yamaha Philosophy as a foundation to draw from, and try to think from the customer's viewpoint as we build on unique expertise and sensibilities, as well as the reputation for unparalleled reliability gained during our long history. Our goal in doing so is to consistently provide high quality products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers, and to create excitement and cultural inspiration together with people around the world.  
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Corporate Philosophy- The Corporate Philosophy defines the reason for Yamaha's existence as a company and the goals that we seek to achieve through our work together.  Yamaha parts offroad

Sharing Passion & Performance

With our unique expertise and sensibilities,
gained from our devotion to sound and music,  Yamaha parts offroad
we are committed to creating
excitement and cultural inspiration
together with people around the world.   Yamaha parts offroad

Customer Experience- The Customer Experience exemplifies the meaning of “Sharing Passion & Performance” from the customer's viewpoint. When customers experience, use, or own Yamaha products and services they should experience a profound response that will stimulate both their emotions and senses.   Yamaha parts offroad

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Yamaha Quality- The Yamaha Quality is a set of criteria that supports Yamaha's insistence on quality in products and services and our dedication to excellence in manufacturing. These criteria assist in making the Corporate Philosophy a reality.


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Yamaha Way- The Yamaha Way explains the mindset that all employees of the Yamaha Group should adopt, and the manner in which they should act on a daily basis, in order to put the corporate philosophy into practice.

Embrace Your Will ……… Will

While endeavoring to provide customer satisfaction and contribute to society and culture, be passionate in your work.

Stand on Integrity ……… Integrity

Take pride in your work but maintain an attitude of humility, working with integrity to provide craftsmanship and services of the highest quality.

Take Proactive Actions ……… Initiative

Be proactive in your work; observe, consider, discuss, and act to strengthen individual and team performance.

Go Beyond the Limits ……… Challenge

Don't limit yourself—have the courage to take on new challenges.   Yamaha parts offroad

Stick to the Goals ……… Commitment

Demonstrate the creativity and fortitude required to ensure your commitments are met.

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