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Get sidewall slugs today​

GET YOUR SIDEWALL SLUGS FOR REPAIRING YOUR TIRES FOR THE BEST POSSIBLE PRICE ON THIS WEBSITE TODAY.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.Considering how bulletproof the rest of our motorcycles have become, it’s ironic that it only takes a little 1 ½-inch box nail in a tire to bring the whole show to a halt. We’re fortunate today that tubeless tire technology prevents intrusions by nails, screws and other foreign objects from becoming catastrophic blowouts. cheap sidewall slugs 

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The object usually stays in the hole, the only place from which the tire can lose air, so it deflates more slowly than a puncture in a tire with a tube on an unsealed spoked wheel (which can lose air through all of the spoke nipples and even the tire bead). But even if that pointy thing does stay put and flush with the tread surface, as it flexes back and forth in the carcass the tire will eventually deflate enough to become a problem. Hopefully you will have noticed its presence or even received a low tire-pressure warning before that happens. Sidewall slugs for sale

Of course, if it doesn’t stay put or is large enough to stick out of the tire (like a 6-inch gutter nail — don’t ask), the tire will probably deflate rapidly enough to strand you by the roadside. Sidewall slugs for tire repair. Unless you’re lucky enough to be next to a motorcycle shop at the time, you’re going to need either a good roadside assistance plan or a tubeless tire repair kit. (We’ll cover tube-type tire roadside repairs in another installment).

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The Sidewall Slug is for a Sidewall Tear up to 1.5 inches. This is for emergency use only. Once installed properly you will be able to continue driving your off road vehicle back to your starting point. You will need a 10mm wrench and a set of Pliers. GET THE BEST SIDEWALL SLUGS FOR THE BEST PRICES ON 2WMPART.COM.   SEARCH SIDEWALL SLUGS NOW BY CLICKING HERE.

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