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Woodys Dooly Carbide Wear Rods - 4in. DS4-9350

Woodys Dooly Carbide Wear Rods - 4in. DS4-9350

SKU: DS4-9350-1-WOODY-GOT(AMZ1-T1) 1

Brand: 2WM LLC

Manufacturer Part Number: DS4-9350-1

Woodys Dooly Carbide Wear Rods - 4in. DS4-9350

Features: Dooly wear bars create four parallel traction lines for dramatically decreased darting and enhanced handling Each wear rod features two 7/16in. runners with center carbide 4in. carbide contains 90 degree carbide; 6in. and 8in. carbide carry 60 degree carbide Hardweld at front of wear rod and 1.5in. carbide pad at the back Durable 3/8in. - 16 mounting studs ensure secure fit Details: The DoolyTM has two 7/16" Flat-top runners mounted on a plate for each ski. The four contact lines on the snow surface will help decrease darting of your sled as it makes its own groove in the trail. When in a turn, only one of the DoolyTM bars will be in contact with the snow or ice. Therefore, a DoolyTM with 6" of carbide on both runners will have the same turning power as a single runner with 6" of turning carbide. The DoolyTM is available in 4", 6", and 8" of 60o turning carbide for Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski Doo and Yamaha snowmobiles. Each DoolyTM is packaged individually.Additonal Fitment:2003-2003 SKI-DOO GRAND TOURING 3802003-2004 SKI-DOO LEGEND (BLOW MOLDED)2007-2008 POLARIS SUPERSPORT (BLOW MOLDED)2006-2008 SKI-DOO FREESTYLE SESSION 3002006-2007 SKI-DOO SKANDIC TUNDRA FAN 300F2007-2007 POLARIS 340 TOURING (BLOW MOLDED)2007-2008 POLARIS 340 LX2006-2008 SKI-DOO FREESTYLE 5502003-2005 SKI-DOO MXZ 380 FAN (BLOW MOLDED)2008-2009 POLARIS 340 TRANSPORT2007-2008 POLARIS 550 LX (BLOW MOLDED)2003-2005 SKI-DOO MXZ 550 FAN (BLOW MOLDED)2003-2004 SKI-DOO SKANDIC SPORT (BLOW MOLDED)2006-2008 SKI-DOO FREESTYLE2006-2007 SKI-DOO SKANDIC TUNDRA FAN 800 (MOLDED)2008-2009 SKI-DOO SKANDIC TUNDRA 300 F (BLOW MOLDED)2010-2011 SKI-DOO SKANDIC TUNDRA 550F (BLOW MOLDED)2006-2008 SKI-DOO FREESTYLE PARK2008-2009 POLARIS 550 TRANSPORT2003-2003 SKI-DOO GRAND TOURING 380/550 (BLOW MOLDED)2006-2008 SKI-DOO FREESTYLE BACK CTRY2008-2009 POLARIS 340 TRAIL TOURING2005-2006 SKI-DOO EXPEDITION SPORT (BLOW MOLDED)2008-2009 POLARIS 550 TRAIL TOURINGItem Condition: New
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